What is Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a very common foot injury that many people suffer from but don’t know much about or how to get help with. While there is an abundance of online info about this so many times it’s not specific enough for each individuals situation .I would like to give you a short summary of what we can do at Irwin Chiropractic Clinic in regards to this problem. First we assess the orthopedic structure of the foot by feel or occasionally xray if needed. . Secondly we often do any adjusting to the foot structures . Next we utilize small plastic or metal spoon type instruments that will break down scar tissue in tight areas when we press them into the soft tissues . ( This technique is called Graston technique). We then utilize laser or ultrasound treatments which are completely comfortable and help with speed of healing . Next we take a look at the need for a nighttime small splint to keep your foot in an ideal healing position for a period of time. Finally we look to see if you would need any orthotics added to the inside of your shoe. This is a fairly comprehensive approach and yet is conservative in nature. We have a very high success rate utilizing all these procedures in helping plantar fasciitis. Also this is a condition that tends to recur if you don’t treat it properly and to full completion. Please feel free to ask any of the docs when you’re in for a visit for any reason about treatments of plantar fasciitis. If you have questions and are not scheduled for an appointment yet ,you can always call the office and we would be glad to call you back and talk about the various treatment options. This is a very painful condition that can really wear on your patience and affect your daily routine. In so many cases we can provide substantial and long-lasting relief. There are of course some instances when we cannot fix this problem. In those cases we would refer you to a podiatrist or other orthopedic option doctor if that were to become necessary.