Testimonial #1
My name is Sue. I am a 52-year old female who came to Irwin Chiropractic Clinic with a lumbar disc problem. I had surgery two years ago for a L4- L5 disc herniation. I responded well to the surgery initially, but now two years later I am again getting sciatic-type pain down my leg. The doctors at IFCC started me on a series of decompression treatments for my current problem. It took three sessions to really see a noticeable difference but now after the fifth treatment, I feel almost 50 percent better. I will continue to receive several more treatments as well as begin starting a rehab program to strengthen my lower back. Thanks guys for the help!

Testimonial #2
Hello! My name is Tom. I am 65 years old. I walked into IFCC a month ago with a bad case of shingles that had already been going on for six weeks. I had been suffering terribly and without much help despite medications and creams. I heard that the doctors at IFCC could use their laser device to help. Upon arrival they informed me that typically the cold laser devices are used more for musculo-skeletal type injuries but that they have had awesome success with other conditions such as shingles and wound healing. It took about five visits to see a lot of change but the pain diminished considerably after three visits and the skin lesions reduced after several more. I probably should have sought care sooner to receive a quicker response but I am now about 70 percent better and hope to be totally free of this thing soon. So happy I gave laser a try for this. Thanks!